Leaky Pipes

Finding a hidden leak, or watching it gush.. call Lenny to stop that flow. Quick emergency response available.. Lenny with his years of experience can pinpoint your issue and correct it immediately.

Water Lines

Need your fridge hooked up to your water supply?.. or just want to send water to certain areas of your home. Lenny can help create a unique clever solution. Finding a way to supply the water and it not to be visible is his specialty.

Sump Pumps

Getting water in .. that is easy.. getting water out, well that can be tricky sometimes. let Lenny create a unique solution for your sump pump. Quality affordable pumps installed quickly.


With over 40 years of experience. Lenny can help you find the perfect fixtures to add better functionality and aesthetic to your home. From toilets to faucets.. or adding that luxury touch Lenny knows how o achieve your goals at an affordable price.

Frozen pipes

Temperatures in Connecticut can get extremely cold in the dead of winter. Frozen pipes and burst pipes are a reality we all live with. Lenny can mitigate the damage and respond with a cost effective way to get you back in action

Water Heaters

When you turn on your shower the last thing you want is a shot of cold water. Lenny can help keep that warm water flowing with quality water heaters installed quickly and affordably call today for your estimate!